Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The trip I shall never forget..

OK readers! Guessing game! I live in India. I am going to talk about a trip to a place so trippy, so awesome, so alive that anyone who goes there never wants to come back. Hint: It's a Union Territory, it has beaches, it is the only place in India where gambling is legal and it is full of life. If u still don't know which place I am referring to, u better hit ur head with an atlas. Yess, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am talking about Goa!! The mere mention of this splendid city's name, takes me back to those memories.
The trip started off with us 2 guys putting the idea in other people's heads, of a trip to Goa during the approaching long weekend. The idea went viral but attracted only 2 more guys to the "yes!lets go!" pack. I deliberately am leaving out all the negative aspects of our trip coz they were nothing compared to the good times. We took a bus in the night after office and the next morning we were there! We were to stay in a 5 star hotel! Yayyy! We rented 2 bikes, took the rooms in the hotel, dumped our stuff and baby!it was on! the trip! Now I am going to skip the part about beaches, chicks with small shorts, the hip crowd, the parties coz that's what everybody experiences in Goa. I had had those experiences before so no special mention. A special shout out to all those who love Colva beach; that's the best beach ever! All others are somewhat okayish. Me and another friend even went ahead with the "full body massage fad" and came out disappointed, for reasons obvious to most guys of our age! But coming to why I chose to write this blog, "The Casinos". Man! those places are extremely worth every penny u spend there! Obviously, not if u are a professional gambler who keeps on spending all his/her hard/not-so-hard earned cash there. But if u r a tourist like us, u should go ahead and spend money there without hesitating. The experience of gambling in the open with so many different kind of people, in such a professional and attractive atmosphere is just so mind blowing! I love Roulette and that is what I played for 12 hrs straight! yess!! And I wasn't even tired when I got up from the table! Poker is my favourite but unfortunately, all tables were high stakes, so I being an amateur couldn't muster the courage to get inside the game. But, Roulette, I played sensibly and used my keen sense of "forecasting", plus my brains to get the exact number twice!! n guess what?!! I had bet only 1 chip both of the times on that single number! After playing for so long, Me and my friends, we got out with more than 3 times of what we had invested!! Pretty neat, right?! We went there again the next day, this time in the day though, not many people were there, and we kind of just covered up our investment when we got out this time. We had to rush to the bus station to catch our bus back to the place where our lives would once again become banal and trite. Now, bombarded with extravagant memories of Goa, I am yearning to go back there again. Hope that happens soon!!. Cheers

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Hairy perspective

(Disclaimer: I am a feminist in the purest form and I respect women from the bottom of my heart. But at times, I like to be crude and this is one of those times:p)

In the epic style of Mr. Clint Eastwood “There are two kinds of people in this world. One who are hairy and one who are not!”.
Body hair have (for years now) been “mistreated”, “misbehaved” with and “disrespected”. We humans have become intolerant to body hair to the utmost level. We rush to get the weapons of mass “hair” destruction if even a single strand of hair spotted on the body. I ask, what have the poor hair done to us?! Why do we want to get rid of them like USA wants to get rid of environmental restrictions? Why do we treat them like they don’t belong there? Well, I, being a one man show, would like to answer this extremely thoughtful question myself.  
The cause of this problem, like many other, is none other than “the women”. In the old days, the women were sensible. They kept their “hair-hate” issues to themselves and shaved off their own body/ facial hair but the contemporary women have now successfully planted this “hair-hating” propaganda into the easily influenced minds of the opposite sex also. Gone are the days of the wild west, when the number of body/facial hair on a man were a symbol of his manliness. These days even the men don’t prefer to look manly. We shave off the body hair even though they are there for a divine purpose keeping us warm and protected but have we ever thought what a strand of hair feels about that?! Have we ever even cared to think what the strands want?! Most of the strands don’t even get to live 20% of their life when they are shaved off. Poor chaps! Killed! Decapitated! Pulverized! That too at such a young age.
A food for thought my fellow men, If a woman is thinking “I wish I had opted for my hair removal”, that makes her beauty conscious but if a man is thinking “I wish I had opted for my hair removal”, he is just gay. Although it is a fact that these days, the hairy ones always end up being bikers or scientists while the non hairy ones end up getting all the chicks; it is the ones with hair who are true men.  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Presenting, the most random story you will ever come across. The story which has details that do not matter at all...

The four friends
This is a story which took place in a time and place not very far away. There were four friends, a Lawyer, a Banker, a Trucker and an IT professional. On one of the most ordinary of days, when after a long weekday the four of them met on a Saturday at “Barry’s”, their favorite bar, they had not anticipated the adventure they were going to go through.
The Banker requested that the four of them go for a ride in the trucker’s “eighteen wheeler”. Agreeing almost instantly, the four went out sat in the humungous machine. They hadn’t decided where to go though. Their plan was to just follow the road, until dawn and then turn back. The four of them also decided to switch off their cell phones and just “go with the flow”. They made for the Beltway 8 West, going on the road. The giant machine tore the gusts of wind like scissors on paper. They were talking about the week they had had, their personal lives, girlfriends and other guy stuff. Just after passing the Sam-Houston Toll way, a few miles ahead, they saw a bolt of lightning or that is what it seemed to them; hit the ground a few hundred yards to their right. It was followed by a big explosion. Since it was a clear sky and it wasn’t raining, nor was there a thunderstorm, they decided to check it out. So they parked the “eighteen wheeler” on the side and made for the spot on foot. The lawyer was in the front carrying the flashlight and the other 3 were following him. As they edged near the spot, they saw a wreck and concluded it was a vehicle accident. But going a little further, they saw a body, not nearly human; it had the face of a deer and an extremely skinny, patterned body with human like hands and limbs. They froze and looked in awe as the “alien” gained consciousness and looked in their eyes. The IT guy gathered the courage and went up to the alien to talk. He asked “Who are you? Where are you from?” The alien said nothing but took out a device from his pocket, entered a code and pressed the button. Within minutes the pieces of the wrecked vehicle flew, joined and took shape into of a flying ship which was as round as a basketball, but the size of a big house. The alien walked inside without saying anything or even looking back, it took off in the space ship.
The four friends stared in amazement for some time and when they regained their senses, they looked at each other and jumped up, all still in shock. They went back to the truck, and decided to go back to their homes. On the way back they discussed and formed theories about what they had just witnessed. All of them decided that they would keep mum about the incident unless it came out from some other source for they were very certain that nobody would believe them. But they were content and happy in their hearts as this had turned out to be the best Saturday of their lives and never would they forget that they had seen a UFO and an alien that day, for real!  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Me: How can this day get any worse??, Life:Challenge accepted! : Chronicles of KD

Firstly, let me state that I mostly am a positive thinker. No matter what happens, i try to think about the positive side of it ("this glass is not half empty, its half full" types). Now, there are days when even I am forced to think negatively. Guess life is like "Muhammad Ali", unbeatable!! You might end up winning rounds but you will always end up loosing the fight. But its the fun and sense of achievement that one gets in winning these rounds that keeps us going. Optimists like myself, think about and picture the rounds that we have won in the past and the ones we can still win.
Now, a little update about my life. I completed my post graduation and got into a firm I wanted to be in (Well, from among the options I had), so safe to say, life's been generous. I won that round! But turned out, that life just wanted to make this fight more interesting and it delivered another hard blow into my face!I had to work for peanuts for 5 months (well, not even peanuts) in one of the most expensive cities of this sweet motherland. "Not a problem!!"I tell myself, "It's your first job, in such a reputed firm, you will get to learn alot!Chill!" and so I jump into the fire expecting to not get burned. 3 months down the line, realizing I still was asking my folks for pocket money, not being able to satiate the hunger of the learning hungry Tiger inside of me even a little bit (Oh! and I forgot to state that I am a very proud human being, and self respect is of extreme importance to me), it hurt. While this all was going on with me personally, events surrounding people close to me weren't all that hunky dory too, so that sucked too! My bro went abroad to pursue his ambitions, times have been tough to him till now. Can't really say how positive he is about all that, but I really believe things will get better as time passes. The parents miss their kids and vice versa. And then, a few of my close friends encountered troubled waters, one lost some money and his job, one is having family problems, 2 are having professional problems etcetra. All this adds to the tensions!! And these days I have started missing my long gone "mia amor" too much, still can't figure out why!! But I am a firm believer of the fact that that feeling is a come and go, so no big deal. What bothers me the most these days is the ever lasting and ever phasing  "what does my future have in store for me?" But then that question, I am pretty sure, will never stop haunting me. oh! and BTW, did i mention, I am learning French(for the second time) and this time I might just end up learning properly. I also made some new friends and lost some of my old ones.These days, with respect to my job profile, I am into doing what I have always wanted to do and I am learning alot.(This round is mine!I am sure Life must be looking where and how to land a punch) I just hope I end up doing it well.
Well that's what's been up with me in a nutshell(literally)!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lokpal Bill vs Corruption..

Is Lokpal bill the answer to India's biggest problem – “corruption”??

The answer may not be too obvious at this point of time. What's obvious though, is "it's a start". Well, something is always better than nothing. In order to comment on whether Lokpal bill is answer to our country's problems, one should first know what Lokpal bill really is. Lokpal bills were introduced several times since 1968, yet they were never passed by the Indian Parliament. After a fast by veteran social activist “Anna Hazare” and widespread protests by citizens across India the Government of India constituted a 10-member Joint Committee of ministers and civil society activists to draft an effective Jan Lokpal Bill. The Jan Lokpal Bill is a proposed anti-corruption law designed to effectively deter corruption, redress grievances and protect whistleblowers. The law would create an ombudsman called the Lokpal; this would be an independent body similar to the Election Commission of India with the power to prosecute politicians and bureaucrats without prior government permission. It's members will be appointed by judges, Indian Administrative Service officers with a clean record, private citizens and constitutional authorities through a transparent and participatory process. Corruption in India, as we know, is a perfectly organised "process". Infact, it deserves "six sigma" certificate! It starts from the top and goes down according to the lowest level of our political hierarchy. The citizens of our country are so used to it nowadays, as if it were legally a part of the system. We have umpteen capital lying wasted in foreign banks as "Black money", thanks to this organised sector of corruption. Lokpal bill comes as a ray of hope for our country and its "shackled" economy. There are many apprehensions associated with the bill such as, who will keep a check on the Lokpal members? Will the members be able to make any significant impact? etc. etc. All these questions can be asked only when the Lokpal bill passes and it is quite evident that it is going to have a hard time doing just that. After all, it’s our "sincere" bureaucrats who are the source of this parasitic problem of corruption.

Whatever be the fate of the bill, I and many others like me, see it as a silver lining and we are here to support anyone who wants to tackle the problem of corruption and help India prosper like she really deserves.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life is a lemon and I want my money back

"Life is a lemon and I want my money back".

Yes!i want my money back!!Nothing ever goes right, and thats the only cetainty! What we promise ourselves for our future,we seldom get.Rather,most of the times,its the exact opposite!Life,this ever-phasing life, is a "one big" Paradox. Its always taking you to places, you never want to go to;always putting you in situations, you despise the most;always causing problems;the closer you think you are to your aspirations,the further you get!!You Want something and you get everything but that thing !!Paradox!!
Look at it this way.You go to a second-hand "car bazaar" .You find the car of your dreams.A sleak ,stylish,beautiful Mercedes!!"WoW!!"You say. Love at first sight.You take out "15 Lakhs" n u buy the Beauty! It's yours!"Yes!My first Mercedes!Woohoo!".You slowly put the keys and turn on the ignition, it doesn't start.You try again,it doesnt start! You get out and you lift the hood.Bang!!Your dreams are shattered.There's no engine!!haha!!You've been Bamboozled! What do you do now??!! You ask for your money back!! "I want my money back!!This car is junk,A white-lie !" That's exactly how life is "A white-lie"! It's a Lemon and I want my money back!!
Aspirations,Friends,Love,Family,Happiness,Sorrow,Hate,Satisfaction nothing is guaranteed! The only permanent thing in life, is Change. Every moment ,You try an align yourself towards a change ,at that very moment,another occurs and you have to Re-align.The process is never ending.
You need your money back?!! Well, You will have to take it back yourself.Take control instead of being controlled.Be the Master of yourself,of your fate.Always stay one step ahead of life,Change faster than change itself,Never give up,Keep going,Keep trying,Always come out on top,Never be satiated,Don't lose the hunger of getting more.This life is a never ending struggle,a race in which the finish line is "happiness". Always stay head to head with your life,with the adverse situations you face ;And, a day will come when you would ultimately Win! You would be the master of your Fate! that would be the day when ,you would truly be worthy of asking your money back, and you would get much more than just "your money" back!

"Life is a lemon and I want my money back":)

Monday, July 19, 2010

A new phase.....

ah!!! i m in a decent MBA college doing what MBA students do !! it was always a dream of mine to land up in a place like this n i do mean it (m not being sarcastic!!) ever since i completed 3 weeks in my Comp. engg. ,i knew i had to do MBA...this is not for me,bloody boring senseless coding, hackneyed routine, slave labour...nah!! not me!!! me... i m supposed to manage people,make people do work, "order" them ... yea!!that's me alright!!! MBA is the thing for me... n now i m doing MBA!!!
i had always heard from frenz,doing MBA is not a cakewalk like doing engineering...n now i'd like to say that i definitely agree with them. I have to do pre -reads everyday,case studies,assignments.. n then u also gotta keep urself updated with all the relevant info,be regular,be attentive...sheesh!!! but seriously, if u ask me,i m enjoying all this work,this keeping busy-not getting free time- kinda makes me think that i am doing something,and all this will help me in a big way,believe me when i say that i dint do a single assignment myself in the 4 yrs of engg. n now i m doing all my assignments myself!!! even i m surprised to see the level of change in myself at times!!whats the reason of this sudden paradigm shift?!! well,if i had to answer that question(i know i m the only one qualifies to do so too) ,i would say its because of the sense of responsibility that i now "recognize"!it was always there deeply hidden in my head during my under graduation n now during my post graduation it has come out of hiding..that thought that u have to be successful in life mostly for urself,to fulfill ur desires,ur dreams and also to get that pride instilled in u ,the one which enables u to face ur family and the society...
what i do hope ,is that this course enables me to be what i aspire to be... i knw it needs a lot of effort and i m ready to give it more then i have....
also,i'd just like to state that i m lucky to have landed up among such good friends,the food here is awesome,the seniors r awesome ,the facilities r also awesome(to some extent:p) ,the lecturers r also good n i dont miss my family that much... so i m gonna enjoy this new phase o my life n i hope it takes me to the place i have fancies being at...